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Welcome to Over the past time we have been trying to change our website to suit all the demanders but after months of revision, we have finally modelled out the master piece that will suit all male, female, young or old. We have added more News pages to be informed on what is happening around our planet, daily, a new Business centrale, a community section to express your ideas, a new games page and finally the cream of it all, The Nabster's page to discover who he really is. Don't forget that is a website mainly created to address the views of The Nabster to he whole world and to discuss on them.

To revolutionise this website from other websites is that we provide u to shape the daily life of "THE M". Regurlarliy we will be posting up his updates with forums to discuss on his ideas.


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Obama travels to Afganistan, Iraq, Israel, Germany and France.


Robbie Keane fufills his childhood dream by joining the Reds.


Riccardo Ricco leaves the tour de France in shame.


The News page is updaates regularily from now on will and contains three different sections, world news, sports news and my news.



Read the Nabster's stories daily and comment on them and address to him freely expressing your views and opinions.


Will you vote for a President who isn't married(Yes or NO) For more go on to the Nabster's page.


We are still working on our business centrale which will be available as soon as possible. 

Check out our list of the 20 most famous people of the 20th Century in the Community page.


Check it out

Check out the new community page with more issues on our society with proposed solutions to all the things that affect us. Send us your comments and your solutions to problems facing our world.


New!!! Make yourself famous. We know that everybody has had a dream of becoming famous, so this is your occasion. Tell us about yourself and we'll make you famous.  Check it out in the community page.


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Check our our new game of the week CITY MIXER. Found out the names of the cities from the pictures.



Work hand in hand with Th Nabster to help your community with the numerous problems facing his community. For more check the Community Page.

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Our website normally has to suit everybody visiting it , you have all the informations above so what are you waiting for,come and visit. Post a comment to our team and tell us what are your views, don't worry it's for free.

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