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This page is intended to help bring people together over all the issues of our daily lives and what is happening around us in our societies. This will enable us to get aware and to think a bit. Later on we will enable you communicate to us issues affecting your society.

Issues of the Community
Are you concerned with your environment and what have you been doing to solve the issues of the environment or do you believe that there is no call for concern?
Do you also believe that Europe is more polluted than Africa.

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According to you why are Africans so poor when they have so much resources. What has been there real problem and what can they do to improve it.
What has been the success story of Europe or America? Can it apply in Africa, after all some countries in Africa are fully developed like South Africa.
So would you help us to bring up some solutions that could help Africans to solve their own problems. To have an idea on what has to be done check out these pictures.



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Why do most people hate politics, what is so wrong about it? Politics in America or Europe is so passionate, clean and loyal eventhough stressful and demanding while politics in Africa is dangerous, cheatful, faulty and trickery. So what is wrong with politics practised in Africa? Is there hope for change when they have politicians like Mugabe who are power hungry and never tired of ruling?


According to you do you think it is more challengingto rule Canada, a fully developed country or Cameroon that is underdeveloped?


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