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Eto'o refuses super mega move to Uzebekistan.
Ronaldinho completes his three year dream deal to AC Milan.
Lyon lose Squllaci but capture Mensah.
Riccardo Ricco exits the Tour de France in shame after being controlled positive to dopants.
Mandela celebrates his 90th Birthday in South Africa.
Obama continue raising up millions of dollars.
Mugabe to hold talks with Tshvangarai.

Canadian Wozniak defeats Bartoli to earn the first Candaian WTA trophy since 1988.

AlAhly overpowers Zamalek to first Champions league win in Africa.

Obama in Israel.

A young french father abadons his little baby to death in his car.

Muntari signs today at Inter for 15 million euros.

Radovan Karadzic to face tribunal today after being captured three days ago.

North Korea signs a treaty of Non-aggression with other Asian countries.

Mugabe could make a suprise handing over of power from the talks he is having with the opposition.

Nadal and Djokovic walk on in Toronto while Federer falls in the first round.

Russians deny setting up arms in Cuba

Farcs liberate 8 new hostages.

Obama and Sarkozy hand in hand at Paris.

Obama's advance on McCain reduces.

Libya terrorists capture 2 swiss tourists.

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